Kristina’s Cache: A Memoir of Adventure and Survival in Alaska Takes Readers on an Extraordinary Journey of Woman


Wilmington, Delaware Oct 25, 2023 ( – Unplanned and spontaneous adventures can whisk us away from the ordinary and into extraordinary moments. From chance encounters to off-the-beaten-path discoveries, they lead to thrilling experiences, new perspectives, and lasting memories. Embrace the unexpected, and you may find yourself in the most remarkable places, both externally and within. But what if the adventure means leaving home and settling in a land buried in snow?

Kristina Ahlnas, a Finnish oceanographer turned Alaskan adventurer, invites readers to join her remarkable journey in her new memoir, Kristina’s Cache: A Memoir of Adventure and Survival in Alaska. This captivating book offers a unique blend of adventure, humor, and the indomitable spirit of an immigrant forging a life in the rugged Alaskan wilderness.

Fueled by Kristina Ahlnas’ sense of adventure, she embarks on a journey to Alaska, determined to start a new life. Her story begins with a chance discovery – an ad for affordable property in a place she knows from her ski tours. Her memoir chronicles her unconventional path, filled with unexpected encounters, challenges, and moments of awe.

From witnessing UFOs in the Alaskan sky to the painstaking process of building her log cabin, Ahlnas’s storytelling captures the essence of resilience in the face of Alaska’s unforgiving conditions. Readers will find themselves transported to a world where car engines refuse to start in the bitter cold, finding warmth becomes a quest, and bonds of friendship are tested and strengthened.

Kristina’s Cache offers a fresh and engaging perspective on life in the untamed wilderness of Alaska, providing readers with a front-row seat to the author’s transformative journey from a $220-a-month renter to a self-sufficient Alaskan. Ahlnas’ 8 by 8-foot practice cabin, known as “the cache,” and her eventual log cabin symbolize her dreams realized.

In a recent interview on America Tonight with Emmy award-winning author and broadcaster Kate Delaney, Kristina Ahlnas shared her incredible experiences, insights, and the motivation behind her captivating memoir. The interview is available as a podcast on SoundCloud and a video on YouTube, offering an in-depth look at the author’s extraordinary journey.



Kristina’s Cache: A Memoir of Adventure and Survival in Alaska is a must-read for those who seek inspiration, adventure, and a deeper understanding of the human spirit’s resilience in the face of nature’s challenges. Kristina Ahlnas’s captivating storytelling will leave readers both entertained and inspired.

The book is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major online retailers.

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ISBN-13: 978-1960224361

Book Title: Kristina’s Cache: A Memoir of Adventure and Survival in Alaska

Author: Kristina Ahlnas

Publisher: Proisle Publishing Service

Represented by: Great Writers Media, LLC

Published Date: February 5, 2023

Book Genre: Memoir, Biography, Autobiography, Adventure, Oceanographer, Alaska, Unique Experiences, Friendship, Cold Weather

About the Author

I grew up during WW2 in Finland. Girl Scouts taught me how to improvise, take initiative, and – peel logs. I believe there is a way around what seems impossible if you pray for God and Jesus to help and guide you. I studied Geophysics – Oceanography at the University of Helsinki but could not get on the oceanography ship because men were selected. I came on board as a mess girl! An ASLA-Fulbright scholarship brought me to the USA as a student at the University of California, Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego. After working in Seattle and Sweden I got a job offer from Alaska. The book deals with select experiences during 30 of the more than 50 years I lived in Alaska.

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