American Rare Earths announces positive metallurgical testing at Halleck Creek


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American Rare Earths CEO Donald Swartz joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share an update on the companys work on metallurgical testing at its flagship Halleck Creek project in Wyoming.

The preliminary test results have been highly positive, indicating that the ore can be effectively processed using conventional technologies. This approach not only requires less initial capital expenditure but also offers lower ongoing operating costs.

The metallurgical testing has demonstrated a 28.5% increase in the recovery of Neodymium and Praseodymium Oxide compared to prior designs. The mineralization in the deposit primarily consists of allanite, and testing has shown that rare earth elements can be efficiently leached from allanite using atmospheric acid tank leaching.

Acid tank leaching is a well-established mineral processing technology with low technical risk. It can process high volumes of concentrate in low-cost leach trains at below-boiling point temperatures, which is more cost-effective compared to traditional acid-baking kilns. The company's current exploration program is nearing completion, and core material obtained from this program will be sent to labs for the next phase of detailed metallurgical testing.

These positive results suggest that American Rare Earths is making significant progress in developing an efficient and cost-effective process for extracting rare earth elements from the Halleck Creek project, which could have a positive impact on the project's economics.

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