Leaders Christopher Kastner and Ian Ziskin to Discuss CEO’s Role in Cultural Transformation at 2023 Leading Transformational Change Forum


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The 2023 Leading Transformational Change Forum is thrilled to announce a cornerstone session featuring two esteemed industry leaders: Christopher Kastner, President and CEO of HII, and Ian Ziskin, President of EXec EXcel Group. This much-anticipated event, titled "The CEOs Challenge in Transforming Culture + People", is scheduled for November 3rd from 2:45 pm to 3:30 pm US ET.


Christopher Kastner and Ian Ziskin at the 2023 LTC Forum
Christopher Kastner and Ian Ziskin at the 2023 LTC Forum

Christopher D. Kastner, steering the helm of America's largest shipbuilder, HII, will shed light on his evolution from CFO to CEO. His significant roles in shaping corporate strategy, championing business growth, and driving profitability render him a voice of authority in organizational transformation.

Complementing Kastner's insights is Ian Ziskin, a four-decade industry stalwart. With an expansive portfolio encompassing a range of sectors from aerospace to telecommunications, Ziskin offers a 360-degree perspective on business and human resource leadership. His roles as the co-founder of Business inSITE Group, Consortium for Change, and the pioneering CHREATE Project further underline his in-depth understanding of the intertwined nature of people, culture, and business strategy.

Key Highlights of the Session:

– Dive deep into the intricacies of sculpting organizational culture.

– Understand the balance between vision, people, and strategic execution.

– Gain insights from two leaders who've pioneered transformation at scale.

Organizations aiming to harness the potential of their culture and people to drive innovation and profitability should not miss this session. It's an opportunity to glean actionable strategies from those who have walked the path and emerged transformative.

The Leading Transformational Change Forum stands as a beacon for leaders aiming to sculpt the future of their organizations. It's where visionary ideas meet actionable strategies, fostering an environment of growth, innovation, and change.


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About HII:

HII is Americas largest shipbuilder and a global, all-domain defense provider. With a more than 135-year history of advancing U.S. national defense, we are united by our mission in service of the nation, creating the advantage for our customers to protect peace and freedom around the world. HIIs diverse workforce includes skilled tradespeople; artificial intelligence, machine learning (AI/ ML) experts; engineers; technologists; scientists; logistics experts; and business professionals. HII

About The Leading Transformational Change Forum:

The Leading Transformational Change Forum is an esteemed three-day virtual gathering that prioritizes the intricacies of transformational change in contemporary business environments. Orchestrated by the Consortium for Change (C4C), this forum assembles a diverse array of advisors, industry stalwarts, and experienced executives. Scheduled from November 1 to November 3, 2023, the event will offer participants a series of thoughtfully structured keynote presentations and panel discussions. The central objective of the LTC Forum is to present attendees with empirical insights and pragmatic strategies, facilitating informed decision-making in their organizational change initiatives. With a focus on adaptability and global accessibility, the LTC Forum remains a notable event for professionals dedicated to efficient and effective change management.Leading Transformational Change Forum

About the Consortium for Change:

The Consortium for Change (C4C) is a distinguished community network of independent coaches, consultants, and transformational change experts. Comprising 60-80 professionals from diverse geographies, industries, and functional specializations, C4C seamlessly bridges varied leadership perspectives and expertise. With a foundational ethos grounded in The Spirit of Abundance, C4C emphasizes collaboration over competition, pooling resources and knowledge to ensure collective growth and client success. Our members champion principles of abundance, surge capacity, business referrals, inclusion, reciprocity, and agility, solidifying C4C's reputation as a beacon for transformational change and unparalleled collaboration. Consortium for Change (C4C)

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1BusinessWorld is a global business ecosystem, network and marketplace that provides entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals with the information, tools, resources and connectivity needed to succeed throughout their companys growth journey, toward a better business world. Our vision is based on the reality that we live, work and do business in one global interconnected business environment, and hence our motto: One World, One Business World. Our mission is to encourage and support global communication and collaboration among entrepreneurs, professionals, and businesses. 1BusinessWorld

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