ZKM Unveils Phase 2 of Early Contributor Program: Community Evolution, Empowering Developers to Shape the Future of Zero Knowledge Technology


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(King NewsWire) – ZKM, a leading innovator in the realm of zero knowledge technology, is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated Phase 2 launch of their Early Contributor Program: Community Evolution. The launch will bring unique opportunities for developers to actively participate in the open-source advancement of ZKMs General-Purpose Zero Knowledge Virtual Machine (zkVM).

The Early Contributor Program has been a resounding success since its inception, fostering collaboration between web3s most forward-thinking developers and the ZKM team. Phase 1 prioritized community education, to explain the purpose of building and using a zkVM, as well as demoing the installation and developer process from start to finish, resulting in a zero-knowledge proof. The ZKM Discord community more than quadrupled during the three-week Community Education campaign, with more than 40,000 proofs generated.

Phase 2 of the ECP, Community Evolution, introduces a host of new features, including a cutting-edge Contribution Board, a comprehensive ZK Education Hub for developers, and a unique Contributor Points System.

The key features of ECP Phase 2 are as follows:

  • ZKM Contributor Board: To motivate and engage developers, ZKM has introduced their Contributor Board. The dynamic bounty board lists a wide range of tasks, projects, and challenges that developers and content creators can undertake. Successful completion of these tasks will be rewarded with POINTS, which are non-transferable reward points, providing an additional incentive to participate in the growth of ZKM and its growing open-source community.

  • ZKM Education Hub: The ZKM Education Hub is a groundbreaking resource for developers at every level of expertise. This comprehensive platform hosted on ZKMs Discord offers a wide array of educational materials, tutorials, lectures, workshops, and community support to assist developers in mastering the intricacies of zero knowledge technology. Education Hub participants will also have the chance to earn an NFT course completion certificate and POINTS by completing programming assignments, crafting discussion posts and creating content.

  • Contributor Points System: ZKM recognizes the invaluable contributions of developers and is introducing the Contributor Points System to express gratitude for their hard work and contributions. Developers will accumulate POINTS, which are non-transferable reward points for their contributions, which can be redeemed for exclusive ZKM merchandise, access to premium content, social badges, and even exclusive ZKM opportunities.

ZKM firmly believes in the power of community collaboration and the importance of sharing open-source knowledge. The ZKM Education Hub is designed to be a central hub for all things related to zero knowledge, fostering a strong, and supportive developer community in ZKMs exclusive Discord server.

Speaking about Phase 2 of the Early Contributor Program, ZKMs CEO, Kevin Liu, stated, Our mission is to create an inclusive open-source environment that empowers developers to help shape the future of zero knowledge technology. Community Evolution brings exciting new features that not only recognize their hard work but also provide the tools and resources they need to excel. Were excited to see how this program will continue to grow and evolve.

To learn more about Phase 2 of the Early Contributor Program and join the movement towards an open-source, zero-knowledge future, please visit: zkm.io/ecp.

About ZKM:

ZKM is a trailblazing open-source blockchain technology company based in the United States. Comprising a team of experts passionate about decentralized systems, ZKM is committed to pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in the blockchain space. ZKM is poised to redefine the landscape of decentralized technologies, and the General Purpose zkVM release underscores its dedication to shaping the future of blockchain.

Social Handles:

Discord: https://discord.com/channels/1125877344972849232/1125877345455186027

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProjectZKM

Medium: https://medium.com/@ProjectZKM

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@ProjectZKM

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