Poolbeg Pharma “continuing its campaign to find a partner” for POLB001


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Proactive Research Analyst Daniel Appiah speaks to Thomas Warner at the London Studio after publishing a new research note on clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company Poolbeg Pharma.

Appiah starts by explaining the scale of the opportunity that Poolbeg is pursuing with its lead compound POLB001 in acute influenza, noting the estimated 3-5 million severe influenza cases globally per annum. The company is broadening its reach by expanding the compound into the oncology sector. Additionally, Appiah highlights Poolbeg's recent developments in the oral vaccine sector.

The company's oral delivery platform is in the limelight following an announcement about their collaboration with an undisclosed NASDAQ-listed biopharma enterprise. The partnership aims to utilise Poolbeg's oral drug delivery technology to optimise drug formulations targeting metabolic conditions.

Significantly, this venture could pave the way for Poolbeg to tap into the burgeoning market for GLP-1 injectable treatments for obesity and diabetes, which is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

For a comprehensive insight into Poolbeg Pharma PLC, Daniel Appiah's full research report is accessible via the link in the video.

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